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Improving Customer Satisfaction Survey Response Rate


Head of Customer Support


A FitnessTech company depended on CSAT survey feedback to generate user insights, which were used to improve the product and customer experience. However, this client was seeing a very low 3% CSAT response rate, limiting the pace of development.


The client implemented Readyly to understand the drivers of this response rate. Readyly identified a positive correlation between Initial Response Time (IRT) and response rate, which was reinforced by a subsequent language analysis on customer comments. Readyly also identified several missing and incorrect knowledge articles, which was driving customers to create unnecessary support tickets. The client improved the knowledge base and implemented intelligent routing to improve IRT.


After 7 weeks, the client reduced IRT by 35% and increased CSAT response rate to 22%. This also directly improved their overall NPS (measured separately) by 11 points.

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