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How  to Delight Your Customers

Every company’s mission is to satisfy its clients. However, today’s customers are more demanding and discriminating that is why satisfying them won’t cut it anymore. You need to “wow” them with great customer experience (CX) so they can become more loyal to your brand. You must be CXtraordinary.

Customer delight is the positive experience of customers when a product or service exceeds their expectations. By going the extra mile, not only will you retain your customers, but you can also convert them as brand advocates.

Follow these five strategies that will help you delight your customers.

  1. Provide real-time support
    Time is a valuable commodity in this digital world. Aside from multiple contact options, you also need to provide prompt support. The longer you make customers wait before providing them help, the greater the chance of disappointing them. It is important that you have support channels that allow fast response such as a 24/7 hotline and live chat. For email support, a quick turnaround time should be complemented by an efficient email categorization and predefined responses.
    Support agents are not the only ones capable of delivering fast and efficient customer assistance. Self-service tools like FAQs and knowledge bases and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chat and messaging are also very helpful in addressing client concerns at speed without compromising service quality.

  2. Gather and analyze customer feedback
    The best way to know what your customers want is to ask them. Satisfaction surveys, contact forms, and usability tests are the most popular methods of collecting customer feedback. The insights you gather are significant in personalizing customer experience and improving your products and services.
    Although customer feedback is a goldmine of important data, it can only be put to good use if it is accurately interpreted. There is no room even for an educated guesswork when it comes to feedback analysis because you need to know what exactly the problems are to find the best possible solutions.

  3. Use the right and efficient tools
    When gathering and analyzing customer data, you need to use the right tools. For instance, if you want to correctly measure how your customers feel about your brand and how they are likely to recommend it, you can use an integrated NPS-based survey service. If you have large amounts of feedback that needs to be interpreted, robust real-time analytics can provide you fast in-depth reporting and data exporting. To correctly identify and remove customer pain points, use analytics integrated in CRM systems to generate the most significant KPIs for measuring CX.
    Advanced technology helps speed up the different business processes and improve customer support. One of the most popular tools available today are AI-assisted support platforms that help agents find the right answers or resolutions within seconds. This leads to faster turnaround times making customers happy while providing your company huge savings as operational costs go down without affecting service quality. With these tools, your support agents can then attend to more complex queries, resulting in improved productivity and a more streamlined support process.

  4. Provide a personalized experience
    With the right tools, you can collect and use information that can help you understand what your customers are trying to say. If you know what they need, then you can give them a personalized experience. To succeed in personalization, you need to obtain accurate data, segment your customers and identify their value triggers, and then create different sets of CX strategies that target each group. People are likely to patronize a company that treats them as important individuals and not as business transactions. An example of a personalized experience is reminding customers when a desired item is on sale or back in stock or rewarding loyal customers through discounts or limited-edition products.

  5. Team collaboration
    Each of your team is expected to achieve its own objectives. The product design team is tasked to create quality products, the marketing team is in charge of attracting potential and loyal customers, the sales team needs to engage customers and maintain positive business relationships with them, and the support team has to provide fast and reliable customer support. Everyone is responsible for making sure that client expectations are exceeded, but delighting customers is a collaborative effort. The different groups of your company need to remove the artificial barriers between them so they can effectively work together to create a consistent experience across all teams.

A positive experience leads to satisfied customers. With the right strategies and tools, you can even exceed all expectations at customer touchpoints that matter the most to customers. Your brand may or may not have many competitors, but you all offer the same product. How can you set yourself apart from the pack? Provide a complete CX solution and use your delighted customers as your competitive advantage.

At Readyly, we provide fast-growth companies with an all-in-one CX platform complimented by an on-demand labor force. Connect with us now to learn more.

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