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Empowered Managers

Reinforce a performance mindset

Our Manager Dashboards provide you the most crucial data - IRT, NPS, and Priority Tickets (to name a few) - to stay efficient and make smart decisions in real-time.

Track priority customers

Our Priority Ticket Dashboard empowers managers to focus on your most important customers and accounts.

Control emerging issues

Automated notifications and ticket escalations ensure ideal manager engagement at just the right time.

The Readyly Difference

Proactive mindset

Readyly shifts CX from constantly reactive to confidently proactive so you control response times, NPS/CSAT scores, and customer retention.

AI-powered agents

Our AI and workforce automation boost agent productivity, driving high customer satisfaction and low overhead.

Real-time analytics

Readyly constantly processes and analyzes data, giving you timely insights into what your customers think.

Flexible outsourcing

Scale your team with our world-class talent pool - enhanced by our cutting-edge technology - trained in your products and brand voice.

Smarter Agents

Catapult agent accuracy

Eliminate CX guesswork with an AI engine that predicts the right answer to tickets with 80%+ accuracy.

Eliminate research time

Readyly’s AI and Machine Learning engines provide relevant ticket research for agents in less than a second.

Reduce agent ramp time

Our AI-driven on-the-job-training gets new agents to fully ramped in half the time.

Powerful AI Automation

Let our AI help your customers

Reduce ticket volume by allowing our powerful AI chatbot to resolve customer issues directly.

Auto-tag your inbound tickets

Our AI uses Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis to identify the topic and urgency of each ticket. 

AI ticket routing to the best agent

We continuously evaluate agent knowledge and outcomes to route requests to the best-fit rep available using a predictive AI.

Real-Time Data

Automate your insights

We spot trends in real time, and bring them to your team to act on.

See the data your way

Quickly analyze your data to pinpoint issues and opportunities as they occur.

Agent performance dashboard

Our customizable dashboard ranks agents by key metrics, including IRT, ART, and CSAT/NPS scores.

Deeper Customer Insights

Auto NPS/CSAT surveying

Auto-survey your customers after every ticket, in your voice, and net higher response rates.

Customer feedback analysis

Drill into your customer feedback within seconds to find what matters most to them.

Knowledge management

Easily identify which articles are most helpful to resolving customer issues, and which fail to do so.

Readyly's Outsourcing Services

On demand staffing

We augment your team through a flexible staffing model. Use us when you need it, and don’t when you don’t. We’ll meet you exactly where you are.

Stellar talent, every time

Scale with confidence. Readyly attracts and retains top talent with competitive pay, flexible scheduling, and best-in-class management and training systems.

Performance transparency

Unlike traditional outsourcing partners, we give you visibility into our agents’ performance. See how our outsourced agents perform at the click of a button.

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