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Empowered Managers

Customer insights

Identify critical customer insights quickly and accurately to stay efficient and make smart decisions in real-time.

Track priority customers

Quickly focus on your most important customers and drive proactive relationship-building instead of fighting fires.

No more surprise issues

Be in control with automated notifications about rapidly changing conditions and ticket escalations to engage at exactly the right time.

The Readyly Platform

Digitize customer support

Replace manual, repetitive work with digitized workflows that drive faster resolutions, reduced churn rates, and happier customers.

Keep your existing systems

Harness the latest advances in technology without having to change ticketing platforms. Readyly integrates with your current systems to elevate your  performance.

Generative AI models

Get turnkey access to generative AI capabilities, trained on models based on billions of data points.

Workflow automation

Identify and digitize discrete, manual steps across all your support workflows, processing complex tasks faster and more accurately than humans.

Elevate Team Performance

Boost support accuracy

Eliminate customer support guesswork with an AI engine that predicts the right answer to tickets with 90%+ accuracy.

Eliminate research time

Readyly’s AI and Machine Learning engines provide relevant ticket research for team members in less than a second.

Increase proficiency

Our AI-driven system gets your newest team members up-to-speed in record time.

Powerful AI Automation

Intelligent answers

Reduce resolution times through digitized workflows that resolve customer issues directly and swiftly.

 Intelligent tagging

Leverage the latest Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis models to identify the topic, sentiment, and urgency of each ticket.

Intelligent escalation

We continuously evaluate knowledge and performance at the individual level to route escalations to the best-fit team member using predictive algorithms.

Actionable Insights

Real-time identification

Readyly spots trends in real time letting your team know when and how to resolve issues.

Powerful drill-downs

Quickly segment data your way to pinpoint issues and opportunities as they occur.

Find the root cause

Identify key relationships between multiple moving factors - such as wait times, topics, sentiment, and feedback scores - to understand what’s driving the numbers.

Know Your Customers Better

Auto NPS/CSAT surveying

Auto-survey your customers after every ticket, in your voice, and net higher response rates.

Customer feedback analysis

Drill into your customer feedback within seconds to find what matters most to them.

Knowledge management

Easily identify which articles are most helpful to resolving customer issues, and which fail to do so.

Readyly's Outsourcing Services

On demand staffing

We augment your team through a flexible staffing model. Use us when you need it, and don’t when you don’t. We’ll meet you exactly where you are.

Stellar talent, every time

Scale with confidence. Readyly attracts and retains top talent with competitive pay, flexible scheduling, and best-in-class management and training systems.

Performance transparency

Unlike traditional outsourcing partners, we give you visibility into our agents’ performance. See how our outsourced agents perform at the click of a button.

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