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Turning Around Poor NPS Scores




A medical device company rolled out a new product to replace a legacy solution and subsequently experienced a drop in their NPS score (dipped as low as 38), coupled with high churn due to dissatisfied customers. Making matters more challenging, this client was not collecting any customer information or open text during NPS surveys (a common issue). They lacked clear visibility into the issues specific customers were experiencing.


This client implemented Readyly and immediately identified the drivers of low NPS. They were able to identify a large segment of customers that was angry about being priced out by the new product. The client quickly reach out to customers to gather more data.


The client revised their pricing for the new product to address customer concerns, and implemented a more thorough customer research process to engage with their customers prior to any new product rollouts. As a result of this change (and many others with Readyly) the client more than doubled their NPS score to 83 over six months and reduced churn from 5% to below 1%.

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