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How Real-Time Analytics Improves Customer Support

Businesses collect and analyze customer data to gather insights to improve their customer support. Because markets are dynamic and customer behavior is fast changing, it is necessary for companies to get real-time information to make effective business decisions.

Real-time analytics is a type of systematic computational data analysis that focuses on the preparation and measurement of raw data as soon as it enters the database. When used for customer feedback analysis, it gives more emphasis to customer interaction, providing a more customer-centric view. So how can real-time analytics help you take customer support to a higher level?

Let us show you how together we can improve your customer support with our CX solution that combines real-time analytics, workforce automation, and artificial intelligence.

Customer needs are promptly defined

With real-time analytics, large amounts of complex data are carefully analyzed at lightning speed and insights are extracted within seconds. With accurate real-time analysis, you can have a better understanding of the issues, expectations, and sentiments of your customers. For example, performance and website traffic data can show what your customers are buying or what they are not interested in. This can help you align your business operations to satisfy customer needs.

Real-time information should also be used together with historical data so all relevant information can be used to make informed decisions. A customer support agent attending to a customer with a recurring issue would be able to provide a faster resolution if details of previous complaints are readily available. Here we can see the importance of having a tool that offers an integrated view of all the information you collect.

Real-time decisions are made

If you have up-to-date information, you can immediately process new data, make real-time decisions, and take prompt actions. Real-time data shows you what is presently happening in the market and helps you respond accordingly to current customer needs.

A perfect example of how real-time analytics can be maximized is when you use it with a decision automation system. Automated decision reduces your costs by offloading work from people and saves you time by triggering a targeted response in real time. It also makes it easier to document and audit the decision-making process and check if the desired results were achieved.

Customer support team becomes more efficient

When real-time information, together with historical data, is accessible to your customer support team, they spend less time working on frequent problems. They can instead focus on solving more complex issues that require their expertise or critical thinking and quickly come up with solutions. It is also possible for them to anticipate problems and proactively reach out to customers when they are supplied with complete and current data.

Another advantage when you utilize real-time analytics is that you can employ tools that can free up your customer support agents. Examples are chatbots and self-service knowledge bases.

Experiences are personalized

With the help of real-time analytics and customer relationship management systems, your customer support team can make customers feel valued by providing personalized services. Imagine having tools that provide all relevant customer data during customer interactions. When you have the available information that is unique to your customers, not only can you meet their expectations, but you can also give them options having the same value based on the personal connections they have with your business.

Real-time data offers insight into the needs and demands of your customers so you can make immediate educated decisions and appropriate actions. It also improves operational efficiency and employee productivity. All these result in outstanding customer support which then creates positive experiences that build brand loyalty and long-term customer relationships.

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