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The CXtraordinary Manifesto

Our mission is to make Customer Support delightful for everyone.

Case Studies

Improving IRT 37% with One-Click Resolution
Cutting New Agent Ramp-Up Time
Improving Customer Satisfaction Survey Response Rate
Finding and Fixing CX Bottlenecks
Rescuing a Damaged, High-Value Relationship
Increasing Agent Utilization
Maintaining Agent: Customer Ratio During Hyper-Growth
Turning Around Poor NPS Scores
Accelerating Resolution Times

Fast-growth companies have had to make a trade-off between accelerated customer acquisition and enduring high-quality customer service. They’ve been forced to hack together clunky CRM and ticketing software and then hire more and more agents. Train them, lose them after a few months. Hire more agents, train them. Lose them. A vicious cycle.


The entire process is broken – and incredibly expensive. Today, there are two options to set up the AI and automation needed to make customer support fast and efficient:  1) hire expensive “implementation” consultants or 2) dedicate precious engineering time to build out the right infrastructure. 


We believe there is a better way. Fast-growth companies should never have to sacrifice great customer service because of high customer acquisition. They need to be able to deliver great customer service no matter how fast they grow, how big they get. And they should be able to do so affordably.

About Us

We build, scale and manage digitized customer support solutions for fast-growth companies using the latest AI and automation technologies.  We call it Customer Support AI-as-a-Service because we do all the heavy lifting when it comes to making sure your team and system are operating at maximum efficiency and effectiveness.  And we do it affordably.  

The Team

Kris Sandor

Co-Founder & CEO

Vijay Jagoori

Co-Founder & CTO

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We’re Readyly. We are inspired by companies that turn great ideas into wildly successful businesses and are committed to keeping them fearless.

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