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How to Improve Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a valuable feedback tool that measures customer loyalty and satisfaction. It looks simple enough to send out a survey, perform an in-depth data analysis, and make decisions to improve your product or service. Getting a higher NPS will depend on how you strategize and make the necessary improvements to your customer support. The real challenge, however, is how to improve your scores over time.

Here is an action plan to help you consistently improve your NPS.

  1. Respond to all feedback you receive.
    Customers are interested in knowing how their complaints are dealt with. If you fail to respond to all feedback, you might miss that one important issue or some of your customers might become disappointed. Be proactive in answering customer feedback. You can, for example, integrate your surveys with a helpdesk tool so you can easily import all feedback as tickets that you can systematically respond to. Customers feel appreciated when you acknowledge their contribution.

  2. Customize follow-up questions.
    When you ask an open-ended question that inquires about the specific reasons for the rating your customers gave you, they would be able to respond with a more detailed answer that is unique to them. It is helpful in strategizing for your segmented customers.
    Instead of just asking the standard follow-up question “Why did you give us this score?”, you can reach out with empathy to your Detractors and Passives by saying you understand that they didn’t have the best experience. It shows that you care about your customers and are eager to keep them satisfied. Ask them what is lacking but make sure to offer solutions and let them know the steps you are planning to take. For your Promoters, you can tell them how grateful you are for the excellent scores they gave you and ask them what they love about your service and how you can improve it. This is also your chance to get a review or testimonial.
    With customized follow-up questions, you can expect a higher number of responses because the customer knows that the survey has been crafted for them. You can include them in the NPS survey or after it. It is also recommended to utilize tools that can send automated personalized follow-up questions in real-time.

  3. Provide high-quality customer support.
    No matter how good your product is, you can easily lose customers when your service quality is not up to par. Faster response time and instant resolutions are the basic elements of exceptional customer support.
    Your response time in answering feedback is a big factor in growing your business. Delayed responses can result in your customer forgetting the issue or becoming frustrated. Faster responses make customers feel more valued. In the same way, customers are delighted when their concerns are quickly and effectively resolved because they don’t want to waste any of their time. These can be realized with advanced technology like AI-enabled customer support systems that can immediately provide accurate answers and allow support agents to focus on more complex issues. You can also provide 24/7 support through self-service options for customers like FAQs and knowledge bases.
    The more you are consistent in giving exceptional customer support, the more your customers are likely to have positive customer experience (CX). This increases the chance that they will recommend your service to others.

  4. Regularly measure feedback.
    The main essence of NPS relies on customer insights gained through feedback tools from where you can develop business strategies. Because customer behavior is dynamic, consistently good scores still need to be monitored and measured. By frequently measuring feedback, a complete view of the areas for improvement can be seen. This will enable you to identify and fix customer pain points and, at the same time, discover new opportunities that may or may not have existed before.

  5. Be customer obsessed.
    Always focus on better CX across all touchpoints. Your customers are the be-all and end-all of your business. The culture of customer obsession focuses on increasing customer retention and loyalty. Mobilize and incentivize your Promoters to endorse your brand. Engage with your Detractors and Passives to learn why they are unwilling to recommend your service and to help you understand what you need to do to improve. As for non-responders, don’t ignore them. Promote your services across all channels and improve your response rates by offering incentives like promo deals, discounts, and raffles.

NPS may be a simple tool, but it provides important insights that can help you reduce customer churn, boost customer loyalty, and improve CX. To consistently improve your NPS, you need to take action. It is only as good as how you effectively understand it and implement it within your business.

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